Ants of the Desert

The six songs on “Ants of the Desert” represent six styles of music: rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, folk, latin, blues, and ballad. Below you can hear sample clips of each section. To download “Ants of the Desert” in its entirety, click “buy MP3″ below.  Or, you can order a CD if you would like the album art and liner notes, including lyrics.

(Learn more about this ant music, and why ants of the desert are song-worthy.)



1. The Conomyrma Chorus   Conomyrma

2. Pogonomyrmex, Pogonomyrmex   Pogonomyrmex

3. Forelius Forever   Forelius

4. She’s a Novomessor    Novomessor

5. The Myrmecocystus Blues   Myrmecocystus

6. Formica Lullaby   Formica



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