Songs Not About Ants

Songs Not About Ants

Patterns of Exposition is a ten-song album in multiple musical styles. You can listen to each of the songs for free at Biotunes. You can also download or order the entire album.


Patterns are everywhere we look; we fall into patterns in our lives. We have ups, we have downs, but time marches on, and life’s end hides around corners, ultimately not to be eluded.

See Me by Atta Girl
There are times when all we want is for someone to see me, but so often those hopes go unfulfilled.


Keep On by Atta Girl

There is nothing for it but to keep on, because as a previously worn path behind overgrows, we have another to blaze ahead.



Although we often end up in the dark,, the dark can be a gift because there is much we do not see when distracted by the light.

In the Dark by Atta Girl





Death haunts all of us like a face in a dream, though most of the time it hides where we do not look, which makes it easy to pretend it is not there, waiting, undeniable.

A Face in a Dream by Atta Girl
Moving Forward by Atta Girl

But this is how we keep moving forward, (helped by a little ska!),



Hard to Say by Atta Girl
even when we’d rather be anywhere else, even when what we really want is hard to say.


Time of Your Life by Atta Girl But when you can, have the time of your life, else it will just slip away unnoticed.

The Basement by Atta Girl


It’s okay to head down into the basement once in awhile (especially if you’re in grad school), as long as you climb back up eventually…


Peanut Butter and Ibuprofen …and when the going gets rough again, it’s fortunately usually nothing that a little peanut butter and ibuprofen can’t handle.


Song from the Tail of a Kite by Atta Girl



And in the end, we can just leave it all behind and cruise away, floating on the tail of a kite.










Image credits:  Radiometer by By Hustvedt (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (]; ibuprofen tablets By Ragesoss (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0]; eyes, dark matter, death, clock, stairs and kite public domain via Wikimedia Commons.  Swamp and arrow © 2011 by